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Efficient Solutions

Synchronization, Integration and Automation


Townhall247 Point of Salein-house solution

20 years of design and use have produced the municipal sales solution your departments have been waiting for. Long lines are a thing of the past, and our synchronization with your Assessing data ensures that your staff will always be able to quickly identify residency.

Online SalesTake your sales from 9-5 to 24/7!

We specialize in a highly-qualified sales process that results in a near-zero refund environment, even when processing millions of dollars. Often citizens do not produce the correct documentation, or do not qualify for items they are attemtping to purchase. This is not a problem with TownHall247. You won't be racking up refunds for these "bad" online sales. Our online interface is vertically integrated into your core TownHall247 cloud, so administration and setup of your online portal is easy for your staff. TownHall247 is the only fully integrated in-house and citizen-facing piece of software on the market today


Automatically monitor the license plates that enter your facility, removing pressure from your staff to visually inspect every vehicle for a permit. Live synchronization with TownHall247 allows citizens to self-register online and drive right into the facility just a few minutes later. Get rid of those stickers and placards today!

Kiosk and Tablet Sales

Sometimes your staff has to accept funds on the go. Utilize TownHall247 to further simplify the revenue stream at your parking and pay-to-enter facilities. All sales are cloud-based and fully integrate with TownHall247 for real-time reports and validity information. Contactless payments allow for the safest transactions possible with minimal interpersonal contact.