Government Point of Sale doesn’t have to be messy

by Administrator / February 27, 2023

Government Point of Sale doesn’t have to be messy

Nobody likes pitchforks and torches. Even the people holding them!

In our 20+ years of serving the municipal industry as a software vendor, we have concluded that avoiding torches and pitchforks is the resounding mantra that echoes in all the chambers of all Town Halls. I would very fairly say that most decisions are made with the citizens’ best interests in mind. Generally this is rooted in genuine philanthropy and credit to that that truly enjoy the veritable lifestyle of serving the public – but most will admit that keeping the hordes of angry citizens away from the hallowed front door is a priority. There are not many parallels in the private sector in which large swathes of people who are not even conducting business will grow emotional and upset, but that is the reality when we are dealing wit

In a world with thousands of “bosses,” the life of a municipal employee can often appear a lose-lose when trying to implement new technology. Rocking the boat presents unique challenges in the public sector, and for this reason the implementation of technology is at a slower pace and rightfully so, often with more scrutiny.

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