• 21st Century Revenue Collection

    In the office. From the couch.
    Even in the middle of nowhere.

    For over 20 years, TownHall247 has been performing revenue collection in the cloud for the public and private sector.

  • Remote Revenue Collections Made Easy

    Struggling with integrating different systems to collect revenue at remote locations? TownHall247 can accept your payments virtually anywhere, anytime. Even if you don’t have a local network or power, we can get you collecting revenue, all while vertically integrated into your TownHall247 cloud.

  • TownHall247 Revenue Collection with LPR/ANPR

    A robust point of sale framework, seamlessly mated to License Plate Recognition for security and monetization.

Municipal Revenue Collection System – LPR Camera Systems

Public sector reliability.

Private sector efficiency.
  • In-House and Online Sales

    Take all your over the counter payments in one place. Cash, credit, check, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other NFC’s are a breeze with TownHall247.

  • Offsite Collections

    Take payments anywhere. Use TownHall247 on the go to collect payment for parking, violations, transfer station refuse, or anything else!

  • Vehicle Access Control

    Eliminate vehicle stickers. Change the way you view your traffic for budget, staffing, enforcement, and infrastructure improvements!

Townhall247 Point of Sale

In-house and online sales solution

20 years of design and use have produced the municipal sales solution your departments have been waiting for. Long lines are a thing of the past, and our synchronization with your Assessing data ensures that your staff will always be able to quickly identify residency.

Townhall247 Mobile

Collect revenue out of the office

Accept parking and other payments in remote locations. TownHall247 further simplifies the revenue stream at your parking and pay-to-enter facilities. Access real-time reports in your TownHall247 Cloud. Contactless payments allow for the safest and most convenient transactions possible.


Automated access control

Automatically monitor the license plates that enter your facility. Remove the pressure of visual inspection from your staff. Live synchronization with TownHall247 allows citizens to self-register online and drive right into the facility just a few minutes later. Get rid of those stickers and placards today!

Trusted by both government and citizens.

Over 20 years of collections with an impeccable record of customer service

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