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    TownHall247 has been “in the Cloud” since before it was cool. We’ve helped municipalities collect revenue since the year 2000. From dog licenses to property taxes, TownHall247 will keep your revenue collection vertically integrated and easy to reconcile. Even at most remote locations, we can help you complete transactions reliably and consistently.

Stop hunting around for report discrepancies.

TownHall247 will take care of reconciliation so you can stay focused on the citizens. No more hunting through reports for daily discrepancies.

TH247 Access Control (LPR) Module Features

  • Keep the line moving – Complete in-house transactions in under 20 seconds.
  • Online sales made easy – Know who is a current property owner, and sell accordingly. Defining the documents you need to collect during the sale is easy.
  • One vendor for all of your departments – TownHall247 can handle the revenue collections for every department.
  • Eliminate vehicle stickers – Use PlateTracker, TownHall247’s LPR module to automatically monitor vehicles at your facility.
  • Save time – Automatically verify residency during sale
  • Keep a clean revenue trail – TownHall247’s online system will ensure that you do not collect on the citizen’s order until your staff has fully vetted the transaction.
  • Force collections – Block sales based upon delinquent taxes or for any other reason.
  • Easy setup – User-friendly robust and customizable interface satisfies the varied needs of different departments. We can do it – but you can too!
  • Easy money – Integrated credit card processing with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others.
  • Tried and True – The proof is in the pudding with TownHall247. Trusted for over 20 years.
  • Historic Nauset Beach

    The Town of Orleans was tasked with redesigning the parking ingress at the Iconic Nauset Beach. Bonsai Logic answered the call.

    • Reduce beachgoer traffic congestion in the morning
    • Allow for automated daily parking kiosk payments
    • Use License Plate Recognition to identify registered vehicles.
    Nauset Beach – one of the most iconic beaches along the Eastern United States. Situated on Cape Cod, a peninsula that extends 65 miles into the Atlantic ocean, it is a desirable location in which people from all over the world come to vacation and relax with family. Part of the National Seashore, it is managed by the Town of Orleans in conjunction with the Federal Government. From April to Labor Day every year, people come from all over the world to stretch out and enjoy the sprawling beaches and the cool Atlantic. With hundreds of parking spaces being consumed by the Ocean’s erosion, the Town of Orleans was forced try to recoup the lost revenue from the beach parking. Along came the “Beat Back,” a plan to build another parking lot and other needed infrastructure in spite of the ocean’s advance. For the last 50 years or so, all beach traffic would head down Beach road and beachgoers would pay the attendant or display their vehicle sticker for visual verification. Unfortunately, on a busy beach morning there could be hundreds of cars in line while individuals are performing the transactions. Often, cars would sit in line for an hour just to get through the gates! The “Beat Back” was an opportunity not only to reclaim the revenue lost from Mother’s Nature’s destruction of hundreds of parking spaces, but also to streamline entry to the beach parking lot.
    Bonsai Logic was the first company consulted when the Town of Orleans decided is was time start the retreat project. The largest concern was getting traffic through quickly. The backup was not only a customer service issue but also a safety issue for emergency personnel. Bonsai Logic recommended we increase from one lane to four lanes, two of which with TownHall247 parking kiosks to take daily payments, and two of them for license plate recognition for permit holders. This would allow anyone holding a seasonal permit to go through either of the right two lanes, and those paying for daily parking can easily use one of the two TownHall247 kiosks with cards and NFC payments such as Apple Pay and Google pay.
    Going live in the Spring of 2023, all construction is finished and the Town of Orleans and Bonsai Logic is ready for the beachgoing masses with the upcoming warm weather!
  • Southington, CT seeks to comply with State Regulations

    Southington, CT works with Bonsai Logic’s TownHall247 to ensure state compliance

    • Issue QR code scannable permits
    • Allow for scanning stickers at the gate
    • Obtain sophisticated reporting on facility use
    The State of Connecticut requires municipalities to report via annual summaries the “bulky’ items that are taken at municipal waste facilities. Not including household trash, this list includes larger items such as appliances, demolition, TV’s, mattresses and much more. The Town of Southington needed a way to both sell the permits to citizens for access to facility, but also to monitor and record what was disposed of at the Bulky Waste Station. Bonsai Logic answered the call.
    In 2011, Bonsai Logic deployed the ancestor of our TownHall247 software to streamline permit sales at Town Hall. Using our web-based application, the Town was able to complete 30 second transactions and significantly reduce their efforts from their previous paper system. They began to vend permits with predefined bar codes, and Bonsai Logic’s TownHall247 would capture the unique bar code during the transaction for scanning at the gate. Bonsai Logic developed a custom application on a Windows CE device so that personnel at the Bulky Waste station could then scan the stickers entering. Of course this technology grew dated, so when the device support ended and Windows CE reached end of life, Southington and Bonsai Logic devised a new plan.
    The staff at Town Hall now utilize pre-printed stickers with QR codes on them. During the sale of the sticker, staff scans the QR code to assign it to the vehicle’s sticker. Upon entry, staff can now use virtually any internet-enabled Android device to scan the entering stickers. Bonsai Logic’s TownHall247 then allows for capture of the vehicle’s cargo and immediately reports all information to the TownHall247 cloud.
    As the needs of municipalities and available technologies evolve, we are right alongside them ensuring. Bonsai Logic is a committed partner with our clients with today’s and tomorrow’s technology. (revision1)

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